WBC-Power Grid 2017

Information on Power Grid tournament at the World Boardgaming Championships


Power Grid will be played per the printed rules from Rio Grande Games. 2F's FAQ is located here: http://www.2f-spiele.de/spiele/faq/faq_frames_eng.htm

Money should be hidden, but must be kept on table!


5-player games use five of the six board regions and 4-player use four of the six; these regions are selected by each player in player order (randomly determined). There is some bad wording in the rulebook and here is how it shall be handled: each player in turn order selects a region they want to be "in play"; you can select any region with the caveat that all regions must be contiguous when the last player selects.


5-player game on the Italy board. P1 choose the brown boot section, P2 selects the Green northern region, and P3/P4/P5 must choose Yellow, Red, and Purple. This will help speed setup for some boards.

We will use 5-player games by preference, resorting to 4-player games if necessary based on the number of players.


  • Heat 1: Northern Europe/United Kingdom & Ireland
  • Heat 2: Brazil/Spain & Portugal
  • Heat 3: Benelux/Central Europe
  • Semifinal: Italy
  • Final: Northern Europe
If there are not enough maps in any of the heats, games will be played on the default US map

Tournament format

HMWG. Up to 36 players will advance to the semifinal. Rankings determined by:

  1. Most Wins
  2. Win in first heat entered
  3. Win in second heat entered
  4. Win in third heat entered
  5. Based on points earned
  6. Margin of victory (or defeat if between two 2nd places)


5-player game (default)
  1. 10 Points
  2. 4 Points
  3. 2 Points
  4. 1 Point
  5. 0 Points
4-player game (if necessary)
  1. 10 Points
  2. 4 Points
  3. 1 Point
  4. 0 Points
Points are heavily weighted to first place, so much that a win is worth two and a half times as many points as second place.

Game Ending

Winner: Supply electricity to the most cities the final round
Tie breakers
  1. Most money
  2. Most cities
  3. Highest power plant number (added by GM)

Event Sheet: In order for a game to count an event form must be accurately completed recording ALL pertinent info and submitted promptly to the GM. Winners are responsible for seeing that this is accomplished. Event form(s) will be handed out by the GM before play begins.